Spinzilla – A Monster of a Spinning Week!

O K, so I have probably badgered every spinner* in the West Michigan area and beyond about joining Spinzilla. Join my team, I said! Join any team, I said! And join you have! As of the end of the day Tuesday, September 10, there are over 360 spinners signed up for the fun, and three teams are full with 25 spinners! Team Yarn Hollow has 19 members now, and only 6 spaces left! WOOT! Whodathunk? So a great big THANK YOU from me!

A Monster of a Spinning Week

A Monster of a Spinning Week

For those of you I haven’t encountered, here’s a little bit about what it is:

  • a spinning competition to see which team can spin the most yardage in singles during Spinning and Weaving Week October 7th – 13th, 2013.
  • A Fundraiser for the NeedleArts Mentoring Program (SM), to establish and make available a handspinning curriculum for educators who want to teach youth in grades K-12 how to spin! Let’s grow more spinners!
  • Raise awareness of handspinning in the yarn market and beyond!
  • Increase spinning knowledge and confidence in spinners of all skill level.

Check out the Spinzilla website for more information. Spinner sign ups are going on now through Monday, September 23rd! What does this mean to you? Well, if you’re a spinner, it means a few things:

  • Sign up now, or at least before September 23rd to get in on the fun. Whether you spin on Team Yarn Hollow, another team (there are 32 others to choose from!), choose to be a ┬áSpinner (sounds dangerous and fun, right?) There are prizes! Each member of the winning team will get a Gift Certificate worth $25.00 to spend at a participating prize sponsor. And then there are tons more random prizes, too! The Rogue Spinner who spins the most among the Rogues will also win a special prize.
  • Check back here for announcements about spinning get-togethers in West and Southwest Michigan. There are at least two in the works. Whether you are a Spinzilla spinner or not, you are welcome to attend to spin and enjoy the fellowship of other fiber arts people.

The next blog post will be about Spinzilla prep and will be full of wonderful links to other blogs and newsletters telling all about it! So check back soon!

In the mean time, check out Deb Robson’s awesome blog post last week about fast and easy wools to spin! It’s a great read.

(* and when I say “badgered every spinner” I literally mean every spinner. Not only am I the team captain for Team Yarn Hollow, I am also the Spinzilla Committee Chairperson, and grateful for the opportunity to be so.)

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  1. Sheila Henry says:


    Please hold a spot on your team for me! Let me know how much I need to send you!

    Our opne house is the 31st of May. I’ll send some flyers down your way.


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