Spinzilla 2015 – It’s On Like Donkey Kong!


HI there Fiber Lovers – Spinzilla 2015 Spinner Sign Ups are well under way and we have a few spots left (maybe 5?) on the Team Yarn Hollow Nutty Coconuts. We hope you join us! We’re a team that’s in the competition to spin as much as we can in a one-week period, expand our skills – some of us by trying new techniques, some of us by dint of sheer determination in spinning more yarn, and recruiting new spinners and cementing the love for handspinning.

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All spinners are welcome on the team – from rank beginner to spinners with years of spinning and miles of yarn beneath their treadles. Please join in, even if you think you won’t be producing much yarn. That’s OK – for us, the only thing that matters is that you want to be on the team. If you’re ready to join, CLICK HERE to go to the Spinzilla registration website. If the team you want to join is full, join another team that works with your vibe, or spin as a Rogue Spinner. Any team will be glad to have you. Sign ups end Friday, October 2 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time – don’t miss out!

Spinning at the Studio

Spinning at the Studio

Spinning starts on Monday, October 5 at 12:01 a.m. and continues for seven full days, through Sunday, October 12 at midnight in your time zone. While we ramp up to Spinzilla week, I will be posting in formation to help you prepare. A lot of what is on offer consolidates links to websites and blogs that have come before sharing great perspectives, processes, and tips maybe we haven’t thought about. Wheel Tune-ups, for example: there is so much information about that on the web that I had never thought of and have never done (since admittedly I am a somewhat lazy spinner) that will surely help me spin faster and better. In the interest of helping you do the same, I am going to consolidate some of what I find and share it here on the blog, by topic. Take what works and leave the rest – do what works for you!

In the mean time, read the Spinzilla website if you need more information (and be sure to check out the amazing blog posts and blog tour from Spinzilla 2013 and 2014 – chock full of information), check out the extensive discussion board on ravelry, “Like” the Spinning and Weaving facebook page, follow Spinzilla2015 on Instagram, and keep reading here for more information about Spinzilla events at the Yarn Hollow Studio.

Hope you join us! We’d love to have you on board!

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