The Range Wrap

Green is my favorite color. And I love swirly¬†asymmetrical¬†shapes. So when deciding to knit my second Range Wrap, two things were in the front of my mind: greens, and a “new” yarn to knit it in. The first Range Wrap I knit was in a bright teal merino/silk blend, and cream and cocoa bamboo/cotton. That particular wrap was a perfect all-weather garment with its cellulose content and the lightness of the silk/wool. For the current Range Wrap, I wanted to knit it in Tor DK, a Merino Superwash that has loads of yards, and the lightness of DK combined with the warmth of merino.

Swamp Thing (left), Mantis (right), and Gin & Tweed (top)

Swamp Thing, Mantis, and Gin & Tweed

For the colors, of course green. But I wanted contrast. Mantis was a color that we developed last summer, in the throes of preparing for festival season. We’d had enough of the regular pallet, and needed something different. I played with the already-configured formulas and then added large amounts of gray. Basically, we were taking intense! bright! saturated! colors, and making them pastel, while at the same time, reducing their saturation to 10 – 20% of the intensity and replacing the missing 80 – 90% of the color with gray. Thus, Mantis. It’s a riff on Swamp Thing – its Shadow Twin, so to speak. My Range Wrap also has Gin & Tweed, one of the latest multi-color combos on offer – it’s lime, kiwi, gray, and a new color called Lime Rickie. Bright, fresh, and a bit of contrast against the Mantis and Swamp Thing.

The Range Wrap, designed by Andrea Marquis, is a great knit because it’s sophisticated enough in shape to carry off multiple ways of wearing while being a simple-to-knit-yet-not-boring project. It’s perfect for social knitting and knit-alongs because there is one shaping element to pay attention to. I marked my knitting with a split ring marker and was off and running without counting rows.

Black Leather French Curves

Black Leather French Curves

Once complete, the matter of two weeks knitting, the look is completed with two Black Leather French Curve closures by Jul Designs. I love Jul Closures because they are so versatile and the leathers are substantial and feel wonderful in the hand. I know they will be durable. The versatility comes from the hardware that attaches them to the garment – it’s completely movable so you can choose to place the closures in different places for different looks. The picture above shows the closures over the shoulder. The photo below shows the closures as a front, almost button-like, fastener.

Black Leather French Curves closing the front of the Range Wrap

Black Leather French Curves closing the front of the Range Wrap

If you are a knitter looking for Tor DK, please check out the supply at The Yarn Store in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. They have a great selection of colors available to the on-line shopper. For Southeast Michigna knitters, Knit Around in Ann Arbor carries Tor DK as well!

If you’d like to find a source for Jul Closures, look at Jul Designs Store Locator for the Yarn Shop nearest you.

And, if you are a shop owner and are interested in Tor DK, Yarn Hollow, the Range Wrap, or Jul Designs, please contact Andrea Marquis of Yarn Superhero. She can hook you up with all the goods and help your shop plan a successful Range Wrap launch! Happy Knitting!


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