Quick Knit Holidays – or Quick, knit for the holidays! Part 1

In the blink of an eye, it’s time to break out the woolens. This autumn, the weather has been quite warm in the Upper Midwest, so until this week, we really haven’t had much chance to break out the cool weather knits. This change typically leaves me unprepared. The coat always is missing a button, and of course the scarves haven’t been washed since last spring.

You may find yourself scrambling, or you may be more prepared. In either event, you can get a big impact and a fast start on your cold weather knits with Burly, our hand-dyed Super Bulky yarn. It’s about 2.5 stiches to 1 inch on size 13 needles, and an 8 ounce skein will knit up into something fun in an evening. In focusing on cooler weather projects, we thought that semi-solid colors that work well with a variety of outwear garments would give knitters loads of choice. Right now, we have a light Slate Blue; deep, intense Eggplant; warm, rich Plum; mellow and jewel-like Garnet (not shown); fresh, bright Caribbean Blue; new complex-grayed Mother of Purple (not shown in collage photo); and lastly lovely, perfectly-pink Rose Petal.

Burly For Quick Cold Weather Knits1

Our favorite pattern for Burly is the Drumlin Enclose by Jul Designs. Its simple yet interesting design is enhanced by the super big single-ply. The faux cables are easy to work, and the pattern is quickly mastered for an evening of fun, warm, bright knitting.

Finish the cowl with some Jul Closures to enhance the design – French Curves mimic the movement of the cables. Or try the Latch for a short contrast that also melds with the garter stitch at the edges. Or choose a Venetian Hinge for a bold statement.

Right now, there are a passel of skeins dyed up and ready to go for your knitting pleasure. Get in touch with Andrea Marquis of Yarn Superhero to get group of fabulous, bright, colorful yarns, patterns, and accessories that your customers will love! I’ll be knitting up a Drumlin Enclose in Caribbean Blue and will be blogging about it along the way, all while carting my delightful daughter around the city to her choir rehearsals and performances. My money is on me finishing the knitting of the Drumlin Enclose in two nights! We shall see!

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