Our Mission:
To nourish the inherent creativity in all by producing high quality yarns, fiber, and fabrics vibrating with color and steeped with a sense of fun and adventure.

Through the creation and distribution of our unique and colorful products, we will grow an enthusiastic customer base throughout North America and the world! We desire an extensive retail network who will support by consistently and professionally providing the highest quality materials suffused with color that will excite their customers!

We deeply feel that the creative spark is accessible to all. We believe that making things matters. We value the partnerships and networks of the business cycle, from farmers and mills at the genesis of materials production through the shops and sellers to those who use our end product to create unique and beautiful objects. Our customers are very important to us – without them, we would not have the privilege of doing this work; we are thoroughly dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. We value the work of our hands and the opportunity to grow creatively. It is important that our families benefit from our work and we value our work in such a way that will result in prosperity.