Develop Your Personal Palette – January 16, 2016

Time to Mix It Up, Get Personal With Color

Time to Mix It Up, Get Personal With Color

Welcome to the first of several classes that are being offered at the studio. Each one will have its own post to give the details. Our first class is Developing Your Own Personal Palette for Fiber Artists, on January 16, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The goals of this class are:

  1. To give fiber artists/weavers/knitters/spinners/etc. the opportunity to dye their own personal palette of 7-10 colors using color mixing techniques with Sabraset acid dyes on protein fibers.
  2. Help fiber artists gain color confidence with color mixing in dyeing to obtain the specific results they want, working from an inspiration palette. This skill can also translate to optical color mixing – using colors together in a project to convey a special feeling, tone, mood, or achieve a particular aesthetic in fiber arts creations.
  3. Gain confidence in measuring and recording results, learning to finesse technique and record keeping to become more precise. More precision in dyeing also leads to better, quicker results and less waste.
  4. Learn more about color theory using tools like books, the internet, and color wheels in practical applications.

Students will leave a lovely group on yarn samples that show the progression toward developing a set of 7-10 colors that expresses their creative gestalt. In addition to the yarn samples, they will take with them the formulas to recreate these hues again, the skills to achieve those colors and more, and an increased sense of confidence with color!

Provided in the class:
One day of instruction
Yarn for sampling (or bring your own specific protein fiber samples if you would like to use a particular yarn)
Cards for storing your samples
Spreadsheets and worksheets for recording your formulas as well as handouts and bibliography for more information
Dye, chemicals, and vessels for measuring

Please bring with you:
illustration, photo, or other source material for inspiration/launching point for developing your pallette (most important!)
Dust mask (optional – most dye will be pre-mixed)

a digital scale that can provides metric measurements if possible

Cost: All this for $100.00!
Class capacity: This class can accommodate as many as 8 people.

If the class doesn’t run because of weather or not enough sign ups, all the deposits will be refunded in full if we can’t find a date to reschedule.
If you are not able to attend after signing up, there will be a refund until January 14.

To learn more about the Dyeing Your Personal Palette Class, Click Here!

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Develop Your Personal Palette January 16, 2016: $100.00

 Both Classes: $175.00 (save $10.00!)

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