Introducing…The Banksia Cowl

We love super bulky yarns, and we especially love our offering, Burly. It adds drama to your knits – who can ignore the extravagant stitches, the bold motifs, the bolder colors?  This big, thick yarn knits up fast and renders simple designs elegant – you only need a few motifs on a bulky yarn for them to be the focal point.


Banksia Cowl Narrow in Vivienne Multi Color

The new Banksia Cowl uses the best qualities of Yarn Hollow Burly Super Bulky to advantage. Its huge gauge knits up fast, creating a garment quickly. The drop-stitch stockinette pattern can be infinitely modified to express your personal style. The Burly yarn comes in a variety of handdyed colors – multi and semi-solid; there is sure to be one available that fits your wardrobe and personal aethetic.

There are four options: the Narrow, the Wide, the Asymmetrical, and the Free-Form. The Narrow, Wide, and Asymmetrical all have row-by-row directions, and the Free-Form contains guidelines to help you create you own drop-stitch cowl that’s as unique as you and your fiber arts are!


Banskia Cowl Asymmetrical in Pel Mel Multi Color

Our inspiration for the Banksia Cowl is the wide variety of Banksia pods and flowers seen in nature – from woody shrubs to large trees. The pods have a unique yet structured form that is fun to replicate in one of the Banksia Cowl patterns. The structure of the cowl is the i-cord or garter stitch edge, and the pod openings are created with backwards loop cast ons, and sometimes given definition by Reverse Stockinette stitches on each side of the dropped stitch. A tutorial page is in progress and will be posted this weekend!

Banksia Pod, photo from Wikipedia

Banksia Pod, photo from Wikipedia

Burly is available right now in a wide variety of colors – multis and semi-solids. You can shop either at our Big Cartel Shop, or our etsy store. There are also stores carrying Burly – Check out the Shops page of the website to see who has it and give them a call, especially if they are local to you!

Download the free patterns here:

Narrow Banksia

Wide Banksia

Asymmetrical Banksia

Free-Form Banksia

Check Out the Tutorial Page Here! 

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