Dye Your Personal Palette – January 23, 2016


Whether you’ve taken the Dyeing Yarn For Your Personal Palette class on January 16 or not, you can join us for the Dye Your Personal Palette workshop at the Yarn Hollow Studio on January 23, 2016. This will be a hands-on workshop that will give you a day to dye fiber, yarn (skeins or warps) with the colors you had developed.

The focus will be on dyeing warps for weavers, but all are welcome – whether dyeing yarn or fiber. We can accommodate you! Just let me know ahead of time what you’ll be working on.

You can choose to bring your own fiber or yarn, or contact me before the the class to get some lined up.

Workshop will focus on techniques for implementing your personal palette on the fibers of your choice, using the dyeing process to insure maximum color saturation, fastness, and well-dyed, unfelted fiber/yarn – getting great results with the colors YOU have developed! We will be working exclusively on protein fibers. (A cellulose fiber dyeing workshop is being scheduled for February.)

This class will be lighter on the instruction/lecture and more hands-on. That being said, there will be plenty of tips, how-tos, and information about methods and processes for helping you dye the very best yarn and fiber you can to make the most of your fiber arts work!

Previous dyeing experience preferred – we will be building on knowledge from other classes and assuming that you have ideas in mind to bring your dyeing and color choice to the next level.

What to bring:
Your dry (not wetted/soaked) warps, yarn, or fiber to dye
a bowl or bucket for transporting the wet yarn home
Your personal pallette formulas (if you had taken the January 16 class)
color inspiration photos
a digital scale that can provides metric measurements if possible

What is provided:
Dye, Chemicals, Measuring Equipment
Methods for heating/fixing yarn/fiber
Worksheets for your formulas and record keeping.

Class fee is 85.00 per person, or $75.00 if you purchase a package with the Developing Your Personal Palette Class.

Any yarn that is provided by Yarn Hollow at the studio is extra. Yarns purchased before the class can be paid for at the time of order.

Click here to register for the class!

To pay for your class, please choose from the options below:

Dye Your Personal Palette Class, January 23, 2016, Class 1: $85.00

Both Classes: $175.00 (save $10.00!)

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